born:01-15-1854Bronson, MI
marr:08-12-1874Winslow, IL                    
died:03-20-1925Micos, MEX
buried: Micos, San Luis Potosí, MEX
born:06-17-1856Winslow, IL                    
marr:08-12-1874Winslow, IL
died:10-29-1921San Luis Potosí, MEX
buried: El Saucito Cemetery, San Luis Potosí


[photos courtesy of Corabelle Reuber]

WALTER JAY WILBUR was born in Bronson, Branch, MI, Jan. 18, 1854. According to census records of the birthplaces of the other children of SAMUEL and ORPHANA WILBUR, the family moved from New York to Wisconsin to Michigan and back to Illinois in a twelve year period between 1849 and 1861. In addition, based on the obituary of JAY's father, SAMUEL, the family lived in Chicago before moving to Wisconsin, and lived in Iowa a short while before moving to Michigan. The book, "The Wildbores in America", states that Galusha was born in "Winslow, WI", in 1851. This probably means he was born across the state border in Wisconsin at a location very near Winslow, IL.

We know that the family was living next to the LINCOLN family by 1870, based on the census that year. In 1872, JAY's brother Rinaldo married in Winslow and SAMUEL WILBUR executed a Mortgage Deed in that same year.

EFFIE MARIA LINCOLN was born in Winslow, Stephenson, IL, Jun. 17, 1856. On Aug. 8, 1874, JAY presented an affidavit at the Stephenson County Court in Freeport, applying for a Marriage License. This affadavit was accompanied by a statement signed by his parents, SAMUEL and ORPHANA, giving permission for the marriage even though JAY had not yet "arrived at the age of twenty-one." The two married, in Winslow, on Aug. 12, 1874 and they were still living there in 1879, when their second son was born.

Shortly after Robert was born, they moved to Garden Plain Township, Sedgwick, KS (just west of Wichita). They were recorded there in the 1880 census. Sometime before 1882, when their third child was born, the family moved from Garden Plain to Liberty Township (Goodrich), Linn, KS.

The family remained in Linn County until at least September 1889, when their fifth child was born, and then moved back to Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, sometime between 1889 and 1892.

The family is listed in the City Directories of Wichita from 1894 through 1904. JAY was living at 1467 S. Water, his occupation a gardener.

Five "servants" (boarders) are listed as living at the Wilbur residence in 1900:

  Julius Wendell      male    age: 18    born: Jan 1882     MO
 *Martha M. Davis   female    age: 19    born: May 1881     IN
  David E. Wire       male    age: 40    born: Aug 1860     MO
  Charles Downing     male    age: 46    born: Jan 1854     NY
  James K. Adams      male    age: 26    born: Feb 1874     IL
 *note: Could this be Martha Ann Davis, wife of William Jonathan?

In the 1900's JAY purchased a plantation near Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. On it he kept over 500 head of cattle, 70 horses and 20 mules. He raised beans, corn and sugar. During the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to 1917, they were forced to return to the states, and he lost all his property. After the revolution JAY filed a claim with the Mexican government for $29,000, the value he placed on the property and lost use of the ranch. The claim was signed by JAY and EFFIE, along with three sons, Roy, William and Samuel. The disposition of the claim is unknown. But, in any event, the family returned to Mexico, and resumed farming.

JAY's brother, Galusha, joined him on his first stay in Mexico. They paid $5 per acre for 500 acres. Galusha later sold his share to JAY for $10 per acre. The nearest railroad was at Micos. They had to cross the river to get their crops to the railroad. Before they could begin farming they had to clear the land. In 1916, four year old Effie, daughter of Roy L. and Myrtle Jarvis, died in Mexico.

JAY and EFFIE were living in St. Helena, Napa, CA, at the time of the 1920 U.S. Census. They were living on Whitehall Lane, which is now in the heart of the Napa wine area. Their grandson, Louis (son of Roy) was living with them, as was their daughter Nellie, and her husband Max Sokolowsky.

In late 1920, they returned to Mexico. On Oct. 29, 1921, EFFIE died there, followed by JAY, who died of pneumonia on Mar. 20, 1925. JAY and little Effie are believed to be buried at Micos, probably at the family ranch near Puerta del Espiritú Santo. Puerta del Espiritú Santo is located about 25 miles north of Ciudad Valles in the eastern part of San Luis Potosí. The ranch was located in a valley between two mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental range, north of Micos. Sugar cane is the predominant crop grown there today.

Effie is buried at El Saucito Cemetery, in the city of San Luis Potosí. The burial records show she is buried at "location" 52 in the 2nd "clase" of burial sites. That site has no stone to verify her burial there. But the records show her to be buried there "en Perpetuidad".

[Effie's Obituary]
Robert G. "Robbie" Wilbur

Robert G., died at age 9 years, 7 months, 24 days. He is buried at Goodrich Cemetery, which is located near Goodrich, Linn, KS, about 5 miles south of Parker. The name on the tombstone is "Robbie".

Next to Robbie's grave is another grave, in the Wilbur family plot. It is marked "Infant son", with some additional information on the stone, now below ground. It is not thought that this is a child of Effie and Jay.

William Jonathan Wilbur

William Jonathan, is shown as a gardener (or laborer) in three Wichita City Directories from 1898-1904, living at 1467 S. Water, while his wife, Martha, is listed as living at 1006 S. Washington in 1902, and 733 Fremont in 1903-04.

William served in World War I. It is known that he was living in Arbuckle in 1953. He was a farmer in Arbuckle. He died Aug. 28, 1962, and is buried in Arbuckle Cemetery.

A son, William Oliver, was born May 28, 1901, and married Linnie Elizabeth Bruner, July 8, 1929, in Newkirk, Kay, OK. He died Apr. 29, 1972.

William married second, Cecilia Harriet Perriman, in 1917. William, Cecilia and their first child Nellie Orphana, were living in Arbuckle, Colusa, CA, at the time of the 1920 census. William Jonathan's brother, John, was also living with the family in 1920. A second child, David, was born in 1921.

Herbert (left)  and  William (right)

Roy Louis Wilbur

Roy was born May 17, 1886, in Linn Co., and died Nov. 8, 1938. He is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Albuquerque. He was a resident of Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO, at the time of his death, and was apparently only travelling through Albuquerque. He died of "asphyxiation" or "lack of oxygen" while staying at Carrico Camp on Route 66 on the east side of town.

Roy was a farmer in Poplar Bluff, MO, and owned his own farm. According to his death certificate he had been farming for 30 years, but gave it up in November, 1937, possibly for the same health reason that led to his death.

His wife's name on his death certificate is Elizabeth Phillips, apparently a second (or third) marriage, since documents in Mexico give his wife's name as Martha Jarvis.

Roy had two children, Louis (b. 1908), and Effie (b. 1912). Effie died at age 4 in Micos, Mexico. Louis was living with his grandparents, JAY and EFFIE, in St. Helena, CA, in the 1920 Census. In that same census, Roy is shown to be living in East Fork, Montgomery, IL, with wife Mary and her daughter Violet Renfro. EFFIE's obituary (1921) says that Roy was living in central Illinois.

In the 1930 U.S. Census, Roy is still living in Montgomery County, but in Hillsboro township. His wife's name is given as Mary, and her daughter, Violet Renfro, is living with them. Louis is included with the family in 1930.

Nellie Helen Wilbur

Nellie (Wilbur) Sokolowsky

Nellie, the only daughter, was born Sep. 3, 1889, in Goodrich, Linn, KS. Nellie was described as an "invalid" in EFFIE's obituary. It was hoped that the climate of Mexico would help Nellie's condition, when the family returned to Mexico after the Revolution. However, she died there April 27, 1922. She is buried on the family ranch at Puerta del Espiritú Santo, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Years earlier, in Winslow, JAY and EFFIE would periodically take Nellie to Chicago for treatment. They would stay with their friends, the Sokolowskys, while there. Later, Nellie married their son, Max Sokolowsky. Max and Nellie were living with JAY and EFFIE, in St. Helena, CA, in 1920.

Samuel Wilbur

Samuel, was born Dec. 21, 1892, in Wichita, and died Jun. 05, 1925, just three months after the death of his father. He is buried in Arbuckle Cemetery, near his brother, William.

Paul R. Wilbur

Paul R., was born Dec. 20, 1895, in Wichita, and died of diptheria, Nov. 19, 1900, at the age of four. He is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Wichita. He is the only person buried in lot C-194. There is no marker.

John Wilbur

John, was born June 15, 1899, in Wichita, and died Oct. 25, 1928, at Weimar, Placer, CA. A photo of John, taken Thanksgiving 1922, was among HERBERT's possessions when he died. John was living with his brother, William, prior to his death in 1928. He is buried at Arbuckle Cemetery.

On Sep 12, 1918, John completed his World War I registration form. He gave his occupation as farm laborer, and his employer as D. S. (Dorr) Nelson. He listed his nearest relative as EFFIE WILBUR of Arbuckle.

Census Records
[click on link below, then click on census image to enlarge it]

1860 Oneco, IL Census - SAMUEL, ORPHANA, JAY, and other children.
1860 Winslow, IL Census - JONATHAN, LODUSKEY, EFFIE, and other children.
1870 Winslow, IL Census - SAMUEL - bottom of page.
1870 Winslow, IL Census - ORPHANA, JAY, and other children - top of page.
1870 Winslow, IL Census - JONATHAN, LODUSKEY, EFFIE, and other children.
1880 Garden Plain, KS Census - JAY, EFFIE, Robert, BERTIE.
1885 Linn Co., KS Census - JAY, EFFIE, HERBERT, Robert, Willie.
1895 Wichita, KS Census - JAY, EFFIE, BERT, and other children.
1900 Wichita, KS Census - JAY, EFFIE, and children.
1920 St. Helena, CA Census - JAY, EFFIE, Nellie, Louis.

American Consular Reports of Death
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EFFIE LINCOLN WILBUR - October 29, 1921
Nellie Sokolowsky - April 27, 1922
Mr. JAY WILBUR - March 20, 1925

[photo of children]

  born marr died
  wife Cora Belle Scott
Robert G. 03-24-1879   11-18-1888
William Jonathan
  wife Martha Ann Davis
  wife Cecilia Harriet Perriman
Roy Louis
  wife Myrtle Jarvis
  wife Mary Renfro
  wife Elizabeth Phillips
Nellie Helen
  husband Max Sokolowsky
Samuel 12-21-1892   06-05-1925
Paul R. 12-20-1895   11-19-1900
John 06-15-1899   10-25-1928

Chronology of Walter Jay and Effie (Lincoln) Wilbur

-1849 -   Rinaldo (brother) born in NY.
01-25-1851 -   Galusha (brother) born in Winslow, WI
01-15-1854 -   Jay born in Bronson, Branch, MI.
06-17-1856 -   Effie born in Winslow, Stephenson, IL.
-1860 -   Jay in 1860 U.S. Census in Oneco, Stephenson, IL.
-1865 -   Jay in 1865 State Census in Oneco, Stephenson, IL.
-1870 -   Jay in 1870 U.S. Census in Winslow, Stephenson, IL.
08-12-1874 -   Jay and Effie marry in Winslow.
10-24-1876 -   Herbert born in Winslow.
-1878 -   Galusha (brother) settled in Garden Plain, Sedgwick, KS.
03-24-1879 -   Robert (son) born in Winslow.
-1880 -   Jay and Effie in 1880 U.S. Census in Garden Plain, Sedgwick, KS.
07-08-1882 -   William (son) born in Goodrich, Linn, KS.
-1885 -   Jay and Effie (and Herbert, Robbie, William) 1885 Census, Liberty, Linn, KS.
05-17-1886 -   Roy (son) born in Goodrich, Linn, KS.
-1887 -   Rinaldo (brother) school superintendent in Linn County, KS.
-1887 -   Samuel (father) in Wichita City Directory, 1326 Ida.
-1887 -   Fred (brother) in Wichita City Directory, occupation teamster.
11-18-1888 -   Robert (son) died in Goodrich, Linn, KS.
09-03-1889 -   Nellie (daughter) born in Goodrich, Linn, KS.
12-21-1892 -   Sam (son) born in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.
-1894 -   Jay listed in Wichita City Directory, 1457 Palisade.
-1895 -   Jay and Effie in 1895 State Census in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.
-1900 -   Jay and Effie in 1900 U.S. Census in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.
11-19-1900 -   Paul (son) died in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, living at 1467 S. Water.
-1902 -   Jay listed in Wichita City Directory, 1467 S. Water.
-1903 -   Jay listed in Wichita City Directory, 1467 S. Water.
-1904 -   Jay listed in Wichita City Directory, 1467 S. Water.
1905-190x -   Kansas City
02-13-1907 -   letter written by Effie to Nettie "from the Jungles of Mexico".
-1910 -   Herbert and Katie in 1910 U.S. Census in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.
-1910 -   Rinaldo (brother) school principal in Newport, Lincoln, OR.
-1912 -   Effie V. (daughter of Roy) born in Puerta del Espiritú Santo, near Micos, Mexico.
03-19-1916 -   Effie V. (daughter of Roy) died in Puerta del Espiritú Santo, near Micos, Mexico.
06-21-1917 -   Effie living in Newland, IN (Chicago) - article at Christian Hollow "homecoming".
09-12-1918 -   Effie living in Arbuckle, CA - John's WWI registration form.
-1919 -   Jay and Effie living in St. Helena, CA (Herbert's 2nd marriage license).
-1920 -   Jay and Effie in 1920 U.S. Census in St. Helena, CA.
-1920 -   Herbert and Cora in 1920 U.S. Census in Granby, Newton, MO.
1918-1920 -   Effie lived in California with Nellie (part of this time)
late 1920 -   Effie returned to Mexico with Nellie.
10-29-1921 -   Effie died in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
04-27-1922 -   Nellie (daughter) died in Micos, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
03-20-1925 -   Jay died in Micos, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Puerta del Espiritú Santo

Google Map
Longitude -99.211667, Latitude 22.2538889
1. From Highway 80 to the north - from the town of El Naranjo, go south on Jorje Pasquel (traffic light just east of Hotel San Luis El Naranjo. map
2. From Highway 70 to the south - go north.
3. From Highway 85 to the east - go west using new bridge.