born:12-02-1777Waterbury, CT
marr:08-12-1798Colebrook, CT
died:10-28-1867Geneva, OH
buried:Evergreen Cemetery, Geneva, OH
marr:08-12-1798Colebrook, CT
died:06-17-1859Geneva, OH
buried:Evergreen Cemetery, Geneva, OH

Elizabeth Phillips
Evergreen Cemetery
Geneva, OH


BENONI WEBB was born in Waterbury, CT, Dec. 2, 1777, less than a year following the Declaration of American Independence. At the age of 20, he married ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, with whom he lived more than sixty years, and whom he survived almost ten years.

BENONI and ELIZABETH were married in Colebrook, Litchfield, CT, in 1798, but were living in Bethlehem, Berkshire, MA by the time of the 1800 census. The date of that census. was August, 1800. They are enumerated with a child under the age of 10, but their first child was not born until December of that year. Bethleham was combined with the town of Otis, and called Otis after 1809. They are found in the 1810 census in Otis.

In 1811, they removed to western New York, and for several years BENONI pursued the business of blacksmithing, which was a trade he learned early in life, and at which he was particularly successful. After following this trade for several years, he purchased a farm, cleared it up, put it in a high state of cultivation and engaged in farming.

The move to New York is mentioned in the following article which appeared in the Le Roy [NY] newspaper in 1872, describing a family Thanksgiving dinner at the home of SENECA and LUCY (WEBB) ANDERSON. LUCY is the daughter of BENONI and ELIZABETH.

In the year 1811, Mr. [Benoni] Webb, Mrs. [Lucy] Anderson's father, moved with his family from Massachusetts and came as far west as the Genesee river, settling near Avon. At a later period he removed to Caledonia, and in 1817 came to Le Roy, settling upon what is now know as the Wakely farm.

In 1837 he sold his farm amd moved to Geneva, Ashtabula, OH, where he continued to reside until his death, some 30 years later. On July 22, 1837, shortly after arriving at Geneva, BENONI purchased several parcels of land, involving over a hundred acres, from Albion and Polly Smith.

His age took him back to the days of the patriarchs. He was the father of 14 children, 13 of whom lived to rear families. At the time of his death there were living 11 of the second generation, 47 of the third, 75 of the fourth, and 2 of the fifth generation, a total of 135 living. In addition, 27 predeceased him.

Benonia Webb

Benonia Webb was the twin brother of Bellona. Benonia had two children, Virgil T. and Cynthia E. The family, including children and spouses, were all living together in Geneva, OH, at the time of the 1880 census. Virgil married Carrie E. Swan, June 29, 1870. Cynthia was married to Thomas Brett and she died Feb. 12, 1911, in Geneva. Benonia was a retail clothier in Geneva.

Census Records
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1800 Bethlehem, MA Census - BENONI, ELIZABETH.
1810 Otis, MA Census - BENONI, ELIZABETH.
1830 Le Roy, NY Census - BENONI, ELIZABETH.
1840 Geneva, OH Census - BENONI, ELIZABETH.
1850 Geneva, OH Census - BENONI, ELIZABETH, son Benoni, and family (part 1).
1850 Geneva, OH Census - BENONI, ELIZABETH, son Benoni, and family (part 2).
1860 Geneva, OH Census - BENONI, son Benoni, and family (part 1).
1860 Geneva, OH Census - BENONI, son Benoni, and family (part 2).

Obituary of Benoni Webb

The deceased was a quiet, unobtrusive man in his manners, but noted for sound judgment, and sterling common sense. His views and opinions in business matters, ever commanded respect, and he was scrupulously exact and honest in all his dealings. Before the infirmities of age came upon him, he was a model of industry, which many of the present age might imitate more closely, with profit. This trait, together with the most careful economy, enabled him to provide for and educate his numerous family in a becoming manner, and to lay by a competency to sustain and comfort him in declining life. At the Patriarchal age of 90, he could review the years of his life with a proud consciousness of having lived to some purpose.


Obituary of Elizabeth Phillips
Ashtabula Sentinel
July 14, 1859

In Geneva, June 17th, ELIZABETH, wife of Benoni Webb, sen., in the 78th year of her age.

Mrs. Webb made a profession of religion 38 years ago, and united with the Baptist Church. She made an impression on all who knew her, that religion could adorn the life and soul of all who made it the chief end of their existence. The genuineness of her piety is most strikingly illustrated in its effects on her own family circle. She raised a large family of children, most of whom are now consistent Christians. She leaves behind an aged and inform companion, who weeps for her, "not as those who have no hope," but who expects that a few days more will bring a blessed reunion. She left a large circle of sincere friends to mourn her departure, and yet rejoice that she is now sharing her home in heaven.


What is Parentage of Elizabeth Phillips?
unknown, but below are some notes that might hold a clue .....

Samuel Phillips of Colebrook, Litchfield, CT, was known to have been an early settler in Colebrook, Ashtabula, OH. The Ohio town was part of the Western Reserve. From a SAR membership application it is clear there was a Samuel Phillips (b. 1737) and a son Samuel (b. 1760). The DAR membership application references Samuel (b. 1760) as the Revolutionary War soldier. He is said to have died in Colebrook, OH. The "Roster of Ohio Soldiers" says that Samuel (b. 1760) had 6 children, but does not mention a Samuel Jr. The "Colebrook" article (Ashtabula County Historical Society) refers to Samuel (b. 1760) as Samuel Sr. and names his daughters, Fanny, Cleora, and Cordella [sic Cordelia]. There is no specific mention of a Samuel Jr., except that Halsey had two brothers with him in Ohio, one being Benjamin Franklin Phillips.

Ammi Phillips is called the 4th son in an Albany Institute of Art story. He did not go to Colebrook, OH, so he cannot be one of Halsey's "two brothers."

Harriet is referred to as the "second daughter" of Millea in a "Pioneer Women" story. That means there was one older daughter. Elizabeth Phillips would fit into the position as oldest daughter. This story says there were eleven children.

Much of this from ... Colebrook North Cemetery, Fee Road, Colebrook, OH:

Jonathan Phillips - father of Samuel born in 1737 - see SAR application
+ Esther

Samuel Phillips (b. 1737, d. 1792) - see SAR application
+ Elizabeth Ayer (b. 03-26-1735, d. 1778)

Samuel Phillips Sr. (b. 04-08-1760, d. 03-30-1842) - Revolutionary War Soldier
+ Millea (Amelia) "Millie" Kellog (b. 02-11-1763, m. 02-11-1780, d. 02-13-1861)

11 children

Samuel Phillips Jr. (b. ????, d. ????) - "Halsey came with two brothers"
Ammi Phillips (b. 08-04-1788, d. 07-11-1865) - Albany Institute of Art - 4th son of Samuel and Milla
+ Laura Brockport (b. 1792, d. 1830)
+ Jane Anne Caulkins (b. 1809, d. 1873)
Halsey Phillips (b. 1790, d. 09-05-1882)
+ Sarah "Sally" Hungerford (b. 1790, d. 02-02-1867)

Sarah Maria Phillips (d. 1837)
Lucinda Phillips (b. 05-24-1815, d. 06-26-1860)
+ Ezra Beckwith
John H. Phillips (b. 04-24-1823, d. 09-16-1892)
+ Fanny P. Beckwith (b. 06-14-1822, d. 04-28-1852)
+ Adaline F. Alger (b. 11-27-1831, d. 06-06-1918)
Benjamin Franklin Phillips (b. 07-10-1802, d. 1892) - see SAR application
+ Emeline Beckwith (b. 04-18-1809, d. 05-20-1838) -

Minerva C. Phillips (b. 05-14-1838, d. 04-11-1910)
+ Josiah Peck (b. 07-26-1834, d. 11-18-1911)
+ Lucretia Miller (b. 1819, d. 1892)

Harriet Phillips (b. 11-11-1793, d. 03-18-1889) - mentioned in Roster of Ohio Soldiers
+ Eri Tuttle (b. 06-11-1787, d. 03-18-1858)
Cleora M. Phillips (b. 1797, d. 09-14-1875)
+ Asahael Canfield (m. 11-23-1823)
Calista Phillips (b. 04-06-1798, d. 09-26-1851 Indianapolis IN) - mentioned in DAR lineage book
+ Nathan Allen (b. 06-03-1793, d. 12-14-1854)
Cordelia Phillips (b. 1809, d. 11-21-1876)
+ Daniel Loomis (b. 10-04-1797, m. 1833)
Martha Phillips (b. 1824, d. 03-17-1877)
+ William D. Forman (b. 1810, d. 12-23-1890)
Fanny Phillips

1 more unidentified child - could it be Elizabeth Phillips (b. 1782)? She married in 1798 at Colebrook, Connecticut, and moved to Massachusetts before the 1800 census.

From Ashtabula County Historical Society:

Excerpts from Colebrook, by Lucille Donley (1976)

In 1808, the 16,000 acres were surveyed into half-mile square lots. Samuel Phillips, a Revolutionary War soldier and resident of Colebrook, Connecticut, was to assist in the surveying. When he arrived in Warren he organized a company with John Henshaw as surveyor.

In the spring of 1821, Samuel Phillips Sr. made his fourth trip to Colebrook. He came on horseback and spent the summer working on his property. Roswell Stillman brought Phillips wife and their three daughters, Fanny, Cleora and Cordella. The journey had taken them only 28 days, the best time anyone had made.

From History of Ashtabula County:

Halsey Phillips came to Ashtabula County, in 1820, with two brothers .... Benjamin F. Phillips (constable) and Samuel Phillips [not clear if Sr. or Jr]. His [Halsey's] wife and four children came later.

From The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records:

PHILLIPS, Betsey, m. Benoni Webb, born of Colebrook, Aug. 12, 1798..

From Pioneer Women of Colebrook, 1819-1850:

The third family to settle in Colebrook was that of Mr. Samuel Phillips [father of Halsey Phillips].

Mrs. Phillips [Millie Kellog] was born February 11th, was married February 11, 1780, was baptized and died all in the month of February. They came from Colebrook, Conn. Three daughters came with them. They erected a log house with puncheon floor, greased paper for windows, and were ready to move in a few days.

Eleven children were born to them. Mrs. Phillips [or Mother Phillips, as she was called by everyone,] was a good nurse often walking miles through the woods to care for the sick.

She died at the age of ninety-eight years.

Of her three daughters, Cleora married Asahel Canfield. This was the first wedding in the township. She was married at the residence of her father November 23, 1823, by Lemuel Lee, Esq., of Lebanon, now New Lyme. They had four sons and four daughters.

Cordelia Phillips married Daniel Loomis. They lived and died in the northwest part of town. She was one of the pioneers and lived to an old age.

Their second daughter, Harriet, born in Colebrook, Conn., 1793, married Eri Tuttle and came to Colebrook 1839. They had six children.

Mrs. Tuttle remembered when George Washington was inaugurated. Her husband served in the war of 1812. She did a great deal for the soldiers of the late rebellion in the way of knitting and scraping lint.

She was very energetic and always ready to go on any emergency. In sickness she was indispensable. Being a good nurse she hardly ever needed to call a physician in her own family. It has been supposed that she saved the lives of two persons when doctors had given them up to die. Mrs. Tuttle was ever ready to feed THE HUNGRY POOR that came to her door. She danced like a girl when she was eighty-two years old; her partner in the dance [her brother] was ninety-two.

From Robert L. Grigg, Municipal Historian, Colebrook, CT:

Some Phillips names of possible interest ...

Samuel Phillips - early settler of Colebrook, who owned land on Shantry Road.
Ammi Phillips (b. 08-04-1788, Colebrook CT) - painter. According to, Ammi was the grandson of Samuel Phillips.
John Ayer Phillips - landowner of Colebrook, CT.

Colebrook Ohio Revisited

  • Halsey Phillips came to Ohio in 1814.

  • From DAR Lineages (see Calista Allen 60468):

    Samuel Phillips (1760-1842) enlisted 1776, for a short term and in 1777 re-inlisted, serving Capt. James Watson's company, Col. Samuel B. Webb's regiment. In action at Flatbush, L.I., and in retreat from New York. He applied for a pension, which was allowed. He was born in Milford, Conn.; died in Colebrook, Ohio.

    Calista Philips is the daughter of Samuel Phillips and Millea Kellog.

    From The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio:

    PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, (Ashtabula Co.) Enl 1776; re-enlisted 1777, serving in Capt Watson’s Company, Col Samuel Webb’s Regt. In action at Flatbush LI and retreat from NY. Was a pensioner. Was Col (Ref: J. E. Hart, Wick, O.) Br Apr 8, 1760, Milford Conn. Mar Millea Kellog 1781. Children: Halsey; B Frank; Harriet; Cordelia; 2 others mar Canfield and Forman. D 1842, Colebrook, Ashtabula Co, O. Bur northwest corner of Twp of Colebrook. MI: “A Soldier of the Revolution.” Aide to Gen Washington. Ref: Conn Men in the Rev; Lin Bk 61. Natl No 60468, D. A. R. and L. H. Phillips, San Jose, Cal. Fur infor Mary Stanley and Eunice Grant Chaps.



      born marr died
      wife Eunice Anderson
      wife Harmony _______
      husband SENECA ANDERSON
      husband Erastus Spring
    Sally M.
      husband Daniel Ward
      husband Amos Spring
      husband William Hill
    William R.
      wife Sarah Watrous Ennis
      husband Francis LeBaron
      husband Zenas Coleman
      wife Harriet L. _______
    Bellona 01-18-1822    
    Washington 02-13-1824   young   
    Warren Sherman
      wife Mary McMath
    08-    -1863