Torstein Steinarson HAUGEHÅTVEIT
bapt:12-28-1777Seljord, Telemark
died:10-15-1860Husdalen, Mo
father: Steinar Torsteinson BERGE                
mother: Såve Jonsdotter TRAE
Margit Asbjørnsdotter FJELLET
bapt:06-04-1786Mo, Telemark
father: Asbjørn Åsmundson FJELLET
mother: Guro Olavsdotter HAUGEHÅTVEIT  


TORSTEIN STEINARSON was born at Trae, Seljord, Telemark, Norway. When he was 16 years old, his father traded the Trae farm for the Haugehåtveit farm in Mo, and they moved to Mo. His father died when he was 25 years old, and he obtained the farm from his mother at that time. Under the terms of the deed, his mother SÅVE continued to receive rental income. The farm was large and well equipped, but was encumbered by considerable debt.

TORSTEIN was said to have been a soldier in 1801. He married first Tjodvor Bjørnsdotter in 1806. Tragically, Tjodvor died in 1808. They had one child, Steinar, who died at age 6.

TORSTEIN's second marriage, in 1810, was to Kari Egilsdotter from Lårdal. The inability to keep up with the debt led to the loss of the farm in 1832. They eventually left and went to Husdalen at Haugehåtveit where they were husmann [cotters].

In 1821, at the time he was living at his father's old farm at Haugehåtveit TORSTEIN had a son, TORSTEIN, by MARGIT ASBJØRNSDOTTER who was married, at the time, to Jon Johnson of Fjellet.

MARGIT had married Jon Jonson in 1814. She was from Fjellet, as was he. After the marriage, she and Jon were first at Høymyr where they were husfolk [cotters]. After that they lived at Uppkomdalen. Then, while they were at Haugehåtveit, MARGIT had a child by TORSTEIN. Later, MARGIT and Jon were husfolk at Dalen.

Kari died in 1853. TORSTEIN died in 1860. It is said that TORSTEIN "was poor by the time he died." His death record in the Ministerialbok includes the entry, "fattiglem", which means pauper.


  born marr died Ættesoga
children of Torstein Steinarson and Margit Asbjørnsdotter
page 291 - Mo
page 171 - Skafså  
children of Torstein Steinarson and Tjodvor Bjørnsdotter
Steinar 05-17-1807   -1813 HAUGEHÅTVEIT 19a   page 291 - Mo
children of Torstein Steinarson and Kari Egilsdotter
Egil 12-16-1810     HUSDALEN H2b   page 310 - Mo
  husband Tov Sveinungson
  husband Neri Knutson
LID i Vinje
page 310 - Mo
page 307 - Mo
Tjodvor 10-20-1816     HUSDALEN H2d   page 310 - Mo
  wife Torunn Talleivsdtr
page 310 - Mo
page 215 - Mo
  wife Guro Olavsdtr
SKÅLEN 16b  
page 310 - Mo
page 295 - Mo
Hege 01-17-1830     HUSDALEN H2g   page 310 - Mo
children of Jon Jonson and Margit Asbjørnsdotter
Jon 07-07-1814     DALEN/ÅSMUNDSDALEN H2a   page 391 - Mo
  wife Ingebjørg Olavsdotter
page 391 - Mo
page 497 - Mo
  wife Ingebjørg Trondsdotter
page 391 - Mo
page 490 - Mo
  husband? Tarjei Olavson
page 391 - Mo
page 391 - Mo
Margit 10-11-1829     DALEN/ÅSMUNDSDALEN H2f   page 391 - Mo
  wife Gro Åsmundsdotter
page 391 - Mo
page   26 - Skafså

Chronology of Torstein Steinarson and Margit Asbjørnsdotter

12-28-1777 -   Torstein baptized at Haugehåtveit (VRI records for Seljord)
06-04-1786 -   Margit baptized in Mo (IGI records for Mo)
-1801 -   Torstein served as soldier (Mo Bygdebok)
-1802 -   Torstein's father died (Mo Bygdebok)
-1802 -   Torstein obtained property deed from his mother (Mo Bygdebok)
07-12-1806 -   Torstein married Tjodvor Bjørnsdotter (Mo Bygdebok)
-1807 -   first son, Steinar, born (Mo Bygdebok)
-1808 -   wife, Tjodvor, died (Mo Bygdebok)
01-06-1810 -   Torstein married Kari Egilsdotter (Mo Bygdebok)
1810-1813 -   3 children with Kari (Mo Bygdebok)
-1820 -   Torstein got ill (Mo Bygdebok)
01-13-1821 -   son Torstein born with Margit (Mo Bygdebok)
1824-1829 -   2 children with Kari (Mo Bygdebok)
-1830 -   mortgage on farm; sold farm (Mo Bygdebok)
-1832 -   Torstein and Kari went to Husdalen as husfolk (Mo Bygdebok)
-1853 -   Kari died (Mo Bygdebok)
02-16-1858 -   Margit died (Mo Ministerialbok)
10-15-1860 -   Torstein died (Mo Ministerialbok)

Index to Digitized Ministerialbok (church records)

 name                       birth1       baptism   confirmation   marriage      death2     emigration
 ______________________   __________   __________   __________   __________   __________   __________

 Torstein Steinarsson                  12-28-1777                             10-15-1860
 Margit Asbjørnsdotter                 06-04-1786                             02-16-1858

 Torstein Torsteinson     01-13-1821   02-25-1821                06-06-1845   05-11-1905   05-06-1882

 1 - births are recorded in baptism record
 2 - deaths after emigration are not in Ministerialbok


Translations from the
Mo Bygdebok

Gnr. 19
Page 291

18.      Steinar
N. 1794-1802  

Steinar Torsteinson Berge (1752-1802) frå Åmotsdal fekk garden i 1794 ved makeskifte mot Lien i Flatdal. Kona hans heitte Såve Jonsdtr Trae (1751-1835) frå Åmotsdal og dei hadde ein son som var soldat i 1801. Steinar måtte bøta 5 rd i 1799 avdi han ikkje møtte til ei odelssak på Espeli i Flatdal.

English translation

Steinar Torsteinson Berge (1752-1802) from Åmotsdal obtained the farm in 1794 by a trade of real estate in exchange for Lien in Flatdal. His wife was named Såve Jonsdtr Trae (1751-1835) from Åmotsdal and they had a son who was a soldier in 1801. Steinar paid 5 rd in 1799 because he did not appear for a property lawsuit at Espeli i Flatdal.

 a. Torstein 1777-1860 Haugehåtveit 19
19.      Torstein
N. 1802-1832

Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 18a (1777-1860) fekk skøyte på garden frå mor si i 1802 for 300 rd og føderåd. I 1806 gifte han seg med Tjodvor Bjørnsdtr Skredtveit 16a (1786-1808) som det vart halde skifte etter in 1808. Garden hadde stoge med skorstein og to fag vindauge, loft med underbur på stolpar, bur på stolpar, høyløe med låve og kornrom, fehus, sauehus, hestestall, tørkehus, smie utan reidskapar og kvernhus og utan reidskapar. Til garden høyrde fem husmannsplassar og fire støylar. Verdet var 1400 rd, men med store kreditorar vart det berre 192 rd att.

Andre gongen gifte Torstein seg i 1810 med Kari Egilsdtr Breiland (c1781-1853) frå Lårdal og fekk året etter skøyte frå kreditorane for 1400 rd. I 1821 fekk Torstein eit barn med kona Margit Asbjørnsdtr Fjellet H1d. Utetter 1820 åra synest det å ha gått dårleg, panteforretning i 1830 enda med at dei same året selde garden for 1000 spd. Truleg dreiv dei som bruksfolk ei tid, dei vert nemnde i 1832 då lausøyre og krøter vart pantsett til Talleiv Olavson Åse for 200 spd. Sjølve kom dei etter kvart til Husdalen H2 som husfolk.

English translation

Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 18a (1777-1860) obtained a property deed to the farm from his mother in 1802 for 300 rd and rights to rental income. In 1806 he married Tjodvor Bjørnsdtr Skredtveit 16a (1786-1808) for whom probate was held in 1808. The farm had a cottage with a fireplace and two bay windows, a loft with storage under on poles, a storehouse on poles, a hay barn with loft and corn room, cow shed, sheep shed, horse stable, a drying house for grain, a blacksmith shop without tools and mill house without tools. To the farm's right five husmannplassar [cotter's farms] and four summer pastures. The value was 1400 rd, but with large creditors [large debts] there was only 192 rd left.

Torstein married a second time in 1810 to Kari Egilsdtr Breiland (c1781-1853) from Lårdal [see Midtbøen 14 in Kviteseid] and obtained a year later a property deed from the creditors for 1400 rd. In 1821 Torstein had a child with wife Margit Asbjørnsdtr Fjellet H1d. Around the year 1820 he is believed to have gotten ill, obtained a mortgage in 1830 and they sold the farm in the same year for 1000 spd. Probably they worked as bruksfolk [farm people] for a time, they were mentioned in 1832 when the personal property and cattle were mortgaged to Talleiv Olavson Åse for 200 spd. They [Torstein and Margit] themselves came after three months to Husdalen H2 as husfolk [cotters].


Gnr. 19
Page 303

H11.      N. 1814-1815  

Jon Jonson og kona Margit Asbjørnsdtr Åsmundsdalen H2 var husfolk.

English translation

Jon Jonson and wife Margit Asbjørnsdtr Åsmundsdalen H2 were husfolk [cotters].


Gnr. 19
Page 310

[ Biography of Asbjørn Åsmundson and Guro Olavsdtr]
[ Biography of Torstein Steinarson and Margit Asbjørnsdtr]

H1.      N. 1819-1830  

Asbjørn Åsmundson (1752-1830) gifte seg i 1780 med Guro Olavsdtr Haugehåtveit 15h (1759-1826) og kom til Lio H2 og Høymyr H9 som husfolk. Ein gong mellom 1810 og 1820 fekk dei fjellet og var husfolk her til dei døydde.

English translation

Asbjørn Åsmundson (1752-1830) married in 1780 Guro Olavsdtr Haugehåtveit 15h (1759-1826) and came to Lio H2 and Høymyr H9 as husfolk [cotters]. Sometime between 1810 and 1820 they acquired Fjellet and were husfolk here until they died.

 a.Olav 1780† Død før 1914
 b.Margit 1781-1786  
 c.?Åse ca.1784-1833 Gm 1822 Åsmund Leiuvson Fjellet H3
 d. Margit 1786-1858 Gm 1814 Jon Jonson Åsmunddalen
 e.Tov 1788-1860 Kvarvet 17/Fjellet H2
 f.Åsmund 1791-1845 Høymyr H12
 g.Olav 1794-1872 Skålen 16
 h.Birgit 1796-1869 Gm Klemmet Person Skogen H3
 i.Asgjerd 1800-1876 Gm 1829 Ånund Tormodson Skogen H1
 j.Olav 1804-1872 Fjellet

Gnr. 19
Page 310

H2.      N. 1842-1860  

Etter at Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 19 (1777-1860) måtte selja garden, kom han hit som husmann saman med andre kona, ho Kari Egilsdtr (ca.1781-1853), som kom frå Breiland i Lårdal. Ho døydde som husmannskone medan Torstein vart kalla fattig då han døydde.

English translation

After Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 19 (1777-1860) had to sell the farm, he came here as husmann [cotter] together with another wife, Kari Egilsdtr (ca.1781-1853), who came from Breiland in Lårdal [see Midtbøen 14 in Kviteseid]. She died as a husmann's wife while Torstein was called poor by the time he died.

 2.b.Egil 1810 Flytte til Vinje 1839
 c.Gunlaug 1813 Husdalen H3. Gm 1842 Neri Knutson Lio H6
 d.Tjodvor 1816 Flytte til vinje 1847
 e.Steinar 1821-1880 Søgard Håtveit 4
 f.Eivind 1824-1884 Skålen 17
 g.Hege 1829  

p. 391

H2.      N. 1826-1845  

Jon Jonson (ca. 1785-1845) gifte seg i 1814 med Margit Asbjørnsdtr (1786-1858) frå Fjellet H1d, og dei kom første tida til Høymyr H11 som husfolk. Ei tid budde dei og på Uppkomdalen. I 1821 fekk Margit ein son med Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 19 medan dei budde på Fjellet, men seinare vart dei husfolk på Dalen. Jon døydde her, men på omgangslegd. Margit døydde på Listog.

English translation

Jon Jonson (ca. 1785-1845) married in 1814 to Margit Asbjørnsdtr (1786-1858) from Fjellet H1d, and they came the first time to Høymyr H11 as husfolk [cotters]. For a time they lived and were from Uppkomdalen. In 1821 Margit had a son with Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 19 while they lived in Fjellet, but later they were husfolk in Dalen. Jon died here, but on welfare. Margit died at Listog.

 b.Jon1815 Runningen H8
 c.Olav1817 ?Søstog Felland 19
 e.Guro1826 Dalen H3
 f.Margit1829 Utvandra til Amerika 1859
 g.Hans1831 Juvland H4
 2.d.TORSTEIN 1821Slettetveit A3

Transcriptions from the
Seljord Ættesoge

Gardsnr 127, bruksnr 1

V. Steinar Torsteinsson Berge, 1752-1802
     g 1774 med Såve Jonsdtr Trae, 1751-1835
1. Gunlaug, 1776-1778
2. Torstein, 1777-

     > [see 126.1 Berge ovre II 8]
     < [see Haugehatveit 18 i Mo]