born:03-09-1779Windham, CT
died:02-09-1867Winslow, IL
buried: Christian Hollow Cemetery, Winslow IL
born:03-01-1786Mansfield, CT
died:03-15-1864Winslow, IL
buried: Christian Hollow Cemetery, Winslow IL


JONATHAN LINCOLN was born Mar. 9, 1779, in Windham, Windham, CT. Although there is no record of his birth in Windham County, records in Ontario County, NY, show that he is the son of THOMAS LINCOLN and ELIZABETH JOHNSON. A further discussion can be found in his parent's biography.

RUTH SOUTHWORTH was born and raised in Mansfield, Tolland, CT. Although in separate counties, the town of Mansfield and Windham Village are neighbor communities. She is the daughter of NATHANIEL SOUTHWORTH, Jr., the only Southworth family living in that area at that time.

RUTH and JONATHAN were in Otsego County, NY, in 1807, as JONATHAN was chosen Path Master in Pittsfield, Otsego, NY, in that year. He had come to that county as a young man. He was still living in Pittsfield in 1814, for on May 14 of that year his name appeared on a list of eligible jurors. The three communities of Pittsfield, New Lisbon and Edmeston, sit side-by-side in Otsego County. And those towns are the birthplace of daughter Desire, JONATHAN Jr., as well as Juliana Ingalls, wife of Lester, spanning a timeframe from 1806 to 1827.

On about Aug. 25, 1814, JONATHAN was drafted into the service of the War of 1812. He left Pittsfield, the following September 25th, for three months service at Sackets Harbor, NY. He marched there under Capt. A. Deming, and was attached to Capt. Potter's Company in the 27th Regiment, New York Militia ("Regiment of the Mohawk Valley") commanded by Colonel Christopher P. Bellinger, at Sackets Harbor, as a private. He was discharged 10 days early because of sickness. As a result of this service JONATHAN applied for, and was allowed bounty land in 1855.

From 1838 to 1844, a series of land transactions in South Bristol and Naples, Ontario, NY, show that JONATHAN was living in that area, with three brothers, Oramill, William and Charles.

JONATHAN, RUTH, and son JONATHAN Jr. came to Winslow in 1844, and settled in Section 19 of Winslow township. Family members were still living on that land in 1880.

As reported in the 1850 U. S. Census of Winslow, JONATHAN and RUTH are listed as a family of two, ages 71 and 64. JONATHAN is reported as having real estate valued at $1,500. In that same year, on Apr. 2, 1850, JONATHAN was elected Justice of Winslow. His son, William Marvin, was elected Constable.

JONATHAN LINCOLN and RUTH SOUTHWORTH (at ages 81 and 74) last appear in the 1860 U. S. Census of Winslow, Stephenson, IL. They were living with their son, JONATHAN, and his family at that time. Another son, William M. (listed as Marvin W. in the 1850 census), was also living in Winslow.

RUTH died Mar. 15, 1864. Her last words to JONATHAN were, "I'm going to leave you behind". These were peculiarly touching, since he was almost totally deaf and blind, and she longed to minister to him to the end.

JONATHAN died Feb. 9, 1867, at the home of his daughter, Anna. He was age 88, one of the oldest residents of Christian Hollow. He had been an eminent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 50 years. His death was very sudden. His family assisted him to bed, in his usual health, on Friday evening, and the next morning found him dead in bed. He was deaf and blind.

Lester Lincoln

Lester was born in New York in 1803. He married Juliana Ingalls about 1826. She was the daughter of John Ingalls, and was born Mar. 16, 1806, in Edmeston, Otsego, NY. Lester and Juliana moved to Stephenson County in 1844. Lester died in 1845, and is buried at Christian Hollow Cemetery.

The family moved to Whiteside County in the 1850's, where Juliana died June 29, 1878. Nine of her ten children were living at that time and attended the services. Daniel D. had died in 1869.

Desire Lincoln

Desire was born in New Lisbon, Otsego, NY, Apr. 18, 1808. She married Daniel Bradley Packer on Jan. 15, 1824. Daniel is the brother of RUTH BRADLEY PACKER.

50th Wedding Anniversary from Lena Star

Daniel and Desire Packer celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Lena Hotel. They received two $5 gold pieces as gifts from her two brothers, Marvin and Jonathan Jr.
Obituary of Desire (Lincoln) Packer, from Lena Star

Mrs. Desire Packer, wife of Daniel B. Packer, 76 years, two months, fifteen days, died July 4, 1884. Sister Packer was born in New Lisbon, Otsego County, New York, April 19, 1808 - married Jan. 15, 1824. The summer following her marriage she experienced religion at a camp meeting and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. She was one of God's own women, of deep piety, of a gentle spirit to love and sympathize with all. Her last sickness was brief, one week's duration. Two children and her companion of 60 years survive. Four children preceded her in death.

Daniel Packer
Christian Hollow Cemetery
Winslow, Stephenson, IL

photos courtesy of Corabelle Reuber
Desire Lincoln
Anna Lincoln

Anna was born in New York in 1811. Her husband, David Steere, was born in Rhode Island. They married Jan 1, 1832, in New York, and their first six children were born in New York between 1835 and 1842. They settled in Winslow in 1845 or 1846, where their sixth child died. Five more children were born in Winslow, between 1848 and 1858.

David died Mar 19, 1870, in Winslow and is buried in the Rock Lily Cemetery there. Anna moved to Broken Bow, Custer, NE, where she died on Mar. 3, 1907. Her death was not of old age, but the result of an accident caused by a runaway horse.

William Marvin Lincoln

William was born in Chenango County, NY, July 6, 1822. He married Mary J. Goss in 1848. She was born in Chautauqua County, NY, Oct. 28, 1827. Chautauqua is the westernmost county in New York. She died Aug. 6, 1886, and is buried at Christian Hollow Cemetery, Winslow.

William, was a farmer in Winslow, living in Section 19 of that township. He came to Winslow in 1845. In 1880, he owned 340 acres of land. He served as School Director while living in Winslow. He and Mary had four children, three of which died in childhood.

Charles E. was born Nov. 2, 1848 and died Feb. 23, 1851.
Mary H. died Feb. 2, 1857.
Herbert died Aug. 8, 1864, age 3 Mo.

The fourth child, Wilber S. born about 1853, was living with his parents at the time of the 1860 Census. His name was given as Wilber E. in "The History of Stephenson County".

Wilber S. was born about 1853.



  born marr died
  wife Juliana Ingalls
  husband Daniel Bradley Packer
  husband David Steere
William Marvin
  wife Mary Jane Goss