Torstein Torsteinson SLETTETVEIT
born:01-13-1821 Mo, Norway
marr:06-06-1845 Mo, Norway
died:05-11-1905 Equality, Red Lake, MN                    
buried: Salem Cemetery, Garnes, MN
father: Torstein Steinarson HAUGEHÅTVEIT
mother: Margit Asbjørnsdotter FJELLET
Signe Bjørnsdotter ÅSLAND
born:01-08-1821 Skafså, Norway
marr:06-06-1845 Mo, Norway
died:09-20-1902 Equality, Red Lake, MN                    
buried: Salem Cemetery, Garnes, MN
father: Bjørn Olavson LANGELI
mother: Anne Sigurdsdotter LYKKA

Pictures of Mo Church


Mo Church
Mo, Telemark, Norway

TORSTEIN TORSTEINSON was from the SLETTETVEIT farm in the village of Mo, in Mo, Telemark, Norway. Mo is one of several small villages that make up the kommune (municipality) of Mo (called Tokke since 1964). The kommune is adjacent to, and west of Kvitesveid kommune. The SLETTETVEIT farm is located in a valley that runs north from the Dalåi River, a tributary to Bandak Lake. The farm is only one kilometer south of the family church at the village of Mo.

The Mo Church was built in 1839, on the site of the original stave church. The crucifix and altarpiece from the original church were restored and used in the construction of the new church. The church is located on highway F806.

In 1845, TORSTEIN was living at the VISTAD farm, west of the village of Dalen. Dalen is on the western end of Bandak Lake, and is the terminus of the Telemark Canal, a 105 km. waterway from Skien. The farm is located just below the confluence of the Tokke and Dalåi Rivers, between the river and the current highway 38. It was here, that he and SIGNE BJØRNSDOTTER were married. For many years they traveled between VISTAD and VIKEN, about 5 km. to the south, climbing the winding road up the steep slope south of Bandak Lake. They were innerstar (tenant farmers), farming the land owned by others.

According to the 1865 Mo census, TOSTEIN TOSTEINSON (as spelled in the census) and his family were living at the MIDJAAS (also spelled MIDJÅS) SØNDRE farm. TORSTEIN is listed as leilending (tenant farmer) in the 1865 census. As a leilending, TORSTEIN would not have owned the farm, but would have had a lifetime lease to use the farm. The farm is situated on a high hill, at the end of a long winding road. It is about ten kilometers west of the town of Dalen. MIDJAAS is about eight kilometers from the SLETTETVEIT farm, which TORSTEIN purchased in 1869.

TORSTEIN and SIGNE are also known to have lived at HAUGEN, a sub-farm of VISTAD, and at NEDREBØ on the road going up to the MIDJÅS farm

In 1882, TORSTEIN was still at SLETTETVEIT, and in that year he sold the farm for 2,200 kroner and left for Fergus Falls, Otter Tail, MN. They lived in the Fergus Falls area about 17 years. TORSTEIN is listed as an original land owner in Tordenskjold twp. Kittel obtained his final citizenship there in 1897.

By 1899, they were living in Red Lake County, MN. The 1900 U.S. census shows TORSTEIN and SIGNE living with their son, Kittel, in Equality township.

TORSTEIN and SIGNE were members of the Salem Church in nearby Garnes twp. Church records show that the family attended church, and the grandchildren of TORSTEIN and SIGNE were confirmed there. TORSTEIN and SIGNE are buried in the church cemetery in unmarked graves.

Kjetil "Kittel" Slettvedt
[photo of family]

Kjetil had a child Olav with Hege Tarjeisdotter URBØ, in 1877. Hege had a child Inger, previously with Jon Halvorson BAKANNE, in 1871. There is no mention in the Mo Bygdebok (p. 97) whether she was married either time. Hege "died as a milkmaid at SLETTETVEIT."

Kjetil Slettvedt / photo courtesy LaVonne Brown
Kjetil Slettvedt
photo courtesy LaVonne Brown

In 1878, Kjetil purchased ØVRE RINGESTOGA farm from his father's brother for 4,800 kroner, but sold it in 1881 and moved back to SLETTETVEIT from where he, in 1882, immigrated to Fergus Falls, MN.

The 1900 U.S. Census shows Kittel ("Kjittel") in Equality township, Red Lake County, MN, living with his wife Ragnhild and four children. Sophia, the oldest child was born in June 1883, in Minnesota. Kittel and Ragnhild are reported to have immigrated in 1882, and to have been married 18 years.

The 1910 U.S. Census shows Kittel still living in Equality township. His wife, Ragnhild, and their five children are living with him. A sixth child had died. The census shows that Kittel and Ragnhild had been married 35 years, and had both come to America in 1882.

The Mo Bygdebok shows that Kittel and Ragnhild were both living at RINGESTOGA, on different sub-farms, prior to emigrating. Kittel was at ØVRE RINGESTOGA between 1878 and 1881 (p. 267), while Ragnhild was living at JORDET (p. 271). Her parents were Gunnar Knutson JORDET (1811-1889) and Signe Eivindsdotter (1816-1876). Two of Ragnhild's brothers immigrated to Albert Lea, MN, in 1880.

The Mo Ministerialbok shows that Kjetil emigrated in 1882, with his parents and two siblings, Anne and Sigurd. Ragnhild also came with the family, but apparently was not yet married, as no marriage records can be found in the Ministerialbok.

Kjetil signed his Declaration of Intention for citizenship on Oct. 31, 1882, in Otter Tail County. In that document, he stated he arrived in the United States on or about June 15, 1880. His name was spelled "Kittel" on that document, as well as on the final Citizenship papers, dated July 15, 1897.

Kittel is mentioned in Telesoga No. 41, September, 1919, as an early settler in Equality. The 1909 and 1911 plat maps of Equality township show Kittel owning 160 acres in the southwest quarter of Section 15.

Ragnhild died April 26, 1922. Kittel died September 14, 1927. Both are buried at Salem Cemetery.

Kittel and Ragnhild had six children.

      Sophia      - b. Jun 13, 1883    - d. Jan 13, 1919      buried Salem Cemetery  
      Ole         - b. Apr 25, 1885    - d. Jan 16, 1931      buried Salem Cemetery
      Carl G.     - b. Sep 20, 1891    - d. Oct  1, 1926      buried Salem Cemetery
      Theodore    - b. Nov 18, 1895    - d. Dec  3, 1961      
      Victor L.   - b. May  8, 1900    - d. Jan 22, 1966      buried Salem Cemetery
      unknown                          - d. before  1900

Thorstein "Thomas" and Olaf "Ole" Slettvet

Thorstein Slettvet / photo courtesy Patty Slettvet Fleming
Thorstein Slettvet
photo courtesy Patty Slettvet Fleming

The Mo Bygdebok shows that Thorstein and Olaf utvandra til Stoughton (emigrated to Stoughton), Wisconsin, in 1878. "Ole" is found in the 1900 U.S. Census living at the Dane County Asylum in Verona, WI. He was still there in the 1930 Census, shown to be working at the power plant. There is also an entry in the 1880 U.S. Census for Ole Slettveit living in Pleasant Springs, Dane, WI, age 21. This would be a spelling closer to the actual spelling in Norway.

"Thomas" does not appear in public records of Wisconsin, but, his son, Thomas, was enumerated there in the 1905 state census for the town of Burke in Dane County, WI. Thomas was in the 1900 and 1920 U.S. Censuses for Genesis, Cumberland, TN. In 1930, he was living in Sumner, Pierce, WA. He died there in 1943.

Their brother Tallief may have lived for a short time in Wisconsin also. The Bygdebok shows that he emigrated to Stoughton in 1881, but his first child was born in Minnesota in 1883.

Thomas and Thea had three children.

      Mary        - b. Mar     1885   
      Thomas      - b. Jan 14, 1887    - d. Jul 22, 1970      buried Sumner, WA  
      Arthur L.   - b. Oct 14, 1892    - d. Dec     1986      buried New Castle, IN  

Tallef "Tollef" Slettvedt

As reported in the Mo Ministerialbok, Tollef emigrated in 1881. The family was known to be in Glyndon township, Clay County, in 1895, and in Equality township, Red Lake County, by 1899, as his daughter, Hilda, was confirmed at the Salem church there, Nov. 19, 1899. He is found in the 1900 U.S. Census for Equality, Red Lake, MN. He is also in the 1910, 1920 and 1930 census records for Equality township.

Tollef married Gunlaug Eivindsdotter SKÅLEN. Gunlaug was the daughter of Eivind Torsteinson HUSDALEN (1824-1884) and Guro Olavsdotter SKÅLEN (1821-1899). See Mo Bygdebok (p. 295). SKÅLEN is a sub-farm of the HAUGEHÅTVEIT farm, which was the home of TORSTEIN STEINARSON (Tollef's grandfather). Gunlaug was Tollef's first cousin.

Gunlaug used the name, Julia, in the 1895 census, but later went by Gunlaug again. She died April 9, 1936. Tollef died July 15, 1946. Both are buried at Salem Cemetery.

Tollef and Gunlaug had ten children.

      Anna        - b. March   1883  
      Evend "Ed"  - b. Sep  3, 1884    - d. May 31, 1946      buried Salem Cemetery  
      Sophia      - b. June    1887     
      Olga        - b. Aug 13, 1889    - d. Jul  3, 1964      buried Salem Cemetery
      Theodore O. - b. Mar  8, 1892    - d. Jul  5, 1967      buried Salem Cemetery
      Gena B.     - b. August  1894
      Clara       - b. June    1896     
      Hilda       - b. August  1899
      Salvie      - b. Jul  8, 1901    - d. Jan  4, 1973      buried Salem Cemetery
      unknown                          - d. before  1900

Sigurd Torstenson

Sigurd Torstenson / photo courtesy LaVonne Brown
grave of Sigurd Torstenson
Salem Cemetery, Garnes MN
photo courtesy LaVonne Brown

Sigurd, the youngest child, married in Otter Tail County. He, his wife Andrine, and three young children joined the rest of the family in the move to Red Lake County. Sigurd had been there only a short time when tragedy struck in the form of a violent storm. As is prominently displayed on his gravestone, Sigurd was "killed in storm."

According to the 1900 census, Sigurd and Andrine had already lost two children. Then Sigurd was killed. And daughter Sina must have died within the next five years as she is missing from the 1905 census. After Sigurd's death, "Annie" married Ole Lerfald, a widowed grocery merchant from Fergus Falls, and she and her children returned to Fergus Falls.

All must not have gone well there, as by 1915, Ole had moved away from Fergus Falls and was with his children, from his first marriage, in North Dakota. Annie continued to run the grocery store in Fergus Falls and was still doing so in 1930.

The two surviving children were Theodore and Alvin. As adults they each dropped the "son" from their name and went by Thorsten. Theodore had two daughters, and he died in 1972 in Austin, Mower, MN. Alvin, a dentist in Isanti, MN, retired and moved to Clearwater, Pinellas, FL. He and his wife Dorothy died there in the 1970's.

Red Lake County, MN
Equality Township

The four brothers, BJORN, Kittel, Tollef, and Sigurd, came to Red Lake County between 1897 and 1899. In 1905, they all acquired Patent Land in Equality township. The land became available May 15, 1896, when the Ojibway indians ceded the land to the government.

Original Salem Lutheran Church (1902-1936)
old Salem Luthern Church
Garnes, MN

Tollef T. Slettvedt     02-13-1905     Section 28     S-1/2 of NW-1/4 80 acres
"     02-13-1905     Section 28     W-1/2 of SW-1/4 80 acres
Bjorn Torstenson     10-19-1905     Section 15 SE-1/4     160 acres
Kittel T. Slettetvedt     11-24-1905     Section 15 SW-1/4     160 acres
Andrine I. Thorstenson     12-08-1905     Section 18 SE-1/4 of SW-1/4     67 acres

Red Lake County Map
1909 & 1911 Equality Twp. Plat Maps

The family belonged to the Salem Lutheran Church (photo right), founded in adjacent Garnes township in 1895. The three brothers can be found on the second membership list of the church. TORSTEIN and SIGNE are buried at Salem Cemetery. THEA and Amanda were confirmed at the church. The confirmation classes, as well as most of the services, were in Norwegian.

The homesteads were located about six miles to the east of the church, in Equality township. The land is a mixture of trees, tillable land and wetlands. Many of the farmers, at the time, would go to North Dakota in the fall for the grain harvest. They would find work in the winter to the east, at the lumber camps. Then in the spring they would float the logs down the rivers to the mills.

When the family arrived in Red Lake County, Ole Klostoe was serving as pastor of the Salem church. A few excerpts from his biography shed some light on the conditions at the time:

"... indefinite stretch of semi-wilderness ... territory dotted with settlers' shanties hidden away in the woods and cut off by the swamp lands ... roads, when they could be found, were invariably bad and often the use of horses had to be abandoned ... grueling effort merely to travel the sodden wagon tracks that served as roads ... mud and mosquitos of summer ... cold and snow of winter."

The ground, almost always soggy, in the area was referred to as swamp. It was covered with brush and dead grass, making it difficult to clear. "It limited the settlers to scarcely more than subsistence farming and to its accompanying poverty."

Thorstenson or Slettvedt or Slettvet?
Choosing a Name

In Norway the children of TORSTEIN would have had the patryonic name of Torsteinson or Torsteinsdotter. They also would have their farm name, Slettetveit. But, the immigrant families coming to America had to choose one or the other for their last name. Which would this family choose?

Kittel and BJORN both filed papers in the fall of 1882, declaring their intention to become citizens of the United States. On October 31, Kittel did so using the name, Kittel T. Slettvedt. Four days later, on November 4, BJORN filed using the name, BJORN TORSTENSON.

In the 1900 U.S. Census, TORSTEIN and three of his sons can be found in Red Lake County, using the name Sletteveit. This is the only time that BJORN used the farm name. In the same census, three of BJORN's children, in Otter Tail County, were all using the name Thorstenson. Sigurd used Torstenson.

By 1910, BJORN and his family were all using the name Thorstenson, while his father and siblings were using the name, Slettvedt. The spelling of the farm name in Norway is Slettetveit.

Sigurd used the name Torstenson, although,in 1905, his widow used Thorstenson when buying land.

In Wisconsin, Olaf and Thorstein chose the name Slettvet, without the silent "d."

Census Records
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1895 Minnesota State Census - TORSTEIN, SIGNE; Kjetil, Ragnhild, and children; Sigurd, Annie, and children.
1900 Equality, MN Census - TORSTEIN, SIGNE; Kjetil, Ragnhild, and children.
1900 Equality, MN Census - Sigurd Torstenson, Andrina, and children, Theodore, Sina, Alvin.
1905 Minnesota State Census - Ole Lerfald, Annie (Sigurd's widow), and children, Theodore, Alvin.
1910 Fergus Falls, MN Census - Ole Lerfald, Carline (Sigurd's widow), and children, Theodore, Alvin.
1920 Fergus Falls, MN Census - Andrena Lerfald (Sigurd's widow), and Alvin.
1930 Fergus Falls, MN Census - Adrain Lerfald (Sigurd's widow).
1930 Isanti, MN Census - Alvin Thorsten (Sigurd's son), wife Dorothy.
1910 Equality, MN Census - Kjetil, Ragnhild, and family.
1920 Equality, MN Census - Kjetil, Ragnhild, and family.
1900 Cumberland, TN Census - Thorstein (Thomas) and family.
1905 Dane, WI Census - Thorstein's son Thomas.
1920 Cumberland, TN Census - Thorstein (Thomas) and family.
1930 Pierce, WA Census - Thorstein (Thomas) and family.
1880 Dane, WI Census - Olaf (Ole).
1900 Dane, WI Census - Olaf (Ole).
1930 Dane, WI Census - Olaf (Ole).
1900 Equality, MN Census - Tallef - bottom of page.
1900 Equality, MN Census - Gunlaug, and family - top of page.
1910 Equality, MN Census - Tallef, Gunlaug, and family.
1920 Equality, MN Census - Tallef, Gunlaug, and family.
1930 Equality, MN Census - Tallef, Gunlaug, and family.


  born marr died Ættesoga
all children born in Mo, Telemark, Norway.
  wife Ragnhild Jore
page 564 - Mo
page 271 - Mo
Anne 12-11-1848   12-23-1848 SLETTETVEIT A3b page 564 - Mo
child 12-11-1848     SLETTETVEIT A3c page 564 - Mo
03-    -1929
page 564 - Mo
page 238 - Kviteseid
Thorstein 09-13-1852   04-20-1853 SLETTETVEIT A3e page 564 - Mo
  wife Thea Norby  
page 564 - Mo
Olaf 01-16-1857   after-1930 SLETTETVEIT A3g page 564 - Mo
Olaf 05-24-1860   01-18-1879 SLETTETVEIT A3h page 564 - Mo
  wife Gunlaug Skålen
page 564 - Mo
page 295 - Mo
Anne 04-05-1865     SLETTETVEIT A3j page 564 - Mo
  wife Andrine
page 564 - Mo

Chronology of Torstein Torsteinson and Signe Bjørnsdotter

  01-13-1821 -   Torstein born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
01-08-1821 -   Signe born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
-1845 -   Torstein lived at Vistad (Mo Bygdebok)
06-06-1845 -   Torstein and Signe marry (IGI records for Mo)
12-31-1845 -   Kjetil born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
12-11-1848 -   Anne (and twin) born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
11-24-1849 -   Bjorn born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
09-13-1852 -   Thorstein born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
05-19-1854 -   Thorstein born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
01-16-1857 -   Olav born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
05-24-1860 -   Olav born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
02-14-1863 -   Talleiv born in Norway (Ministerialbok records for Mo)
-1865 -   1865 Telling (Census) for Mo (Digitalarkivet)
04-05-1865 -   Anne born (Mo Bygdebok)
10-15-1868 -   Sigurd born (grave stone)
-1869 -   Torstein purchases Slettetveit farm (Mo Bygdebok)
05-27-1878 -   Thorstein and Olaf immigrate to Stoughton, WI (Telelaget)
05-21-1881 -   Tallef immigrates to Stoughton, WI (Telelaget)
05-21-1881 -   Bjorn immigrates to Fergus Falls, MN (Telelaget)
-1882 -   Torstein sells Slettetveit farm (Mo Bygdebok)
05-06-1882 -   remainder of family immigrates to Fergus Falls, MN (Telelaget)
07-15-1897 -   Kittel becomes citizen at Otter Tail County (citizenship record)
11-19-1899 -   Tollef's daughter Hilda confirmed at Salem Church, Red Lake County (church record)  
06-01-1900 -   U.S. Census in Equality twp, Red Lake County, MN (U.S. Census)
08-04-1900 -   Sigurd died (grave stone - "Killed in Storm")
09-20-1902 -   Signe died in Red Lake County, MN (church record)
-1905 -   3 sons purchase land in Red Lake County, MN (U.S. Bureau of Land)   
05-11-1905 -   Torstein died in Red Lake County, MN (death certiicate)

Index to Digitized Ministerialbok (church records)

 name                       birth1       baptism   confirmation   marriage      death2     emigration
 ______________________   __________   __________   __________   __________   __________   __________

 Torstein Torsteinson     01-13-1821   02-25-1821                06-06-1845   05-11-1905   05-06-1882 
 Signe Bjørnsdotter       01-08-1821   03-11-1821        -1836   06-06-1845   09-20-1902   05-06-1882

 Kjetil Torsteinson       12-31-1845   01-18-1846   06-16-1860                09-14-1927   05-06-1882
 Anne Torsteinsdotter     12-11-1848   12-23-1848                             12-23-1848
 Bjorn Thorstenson        11-24-1849   12-09-1849   06-25-1865   01-23-1872   10-28-1921   05-21-1881
 Thorstein Torsteinson    09-13-1852   10-03-1852                             04-20-1853             
 Thorstein Torsteinson    05-19-1854   06-05-1854   06-12-1870                             05-27-1878
 Olaf Torsteinson         01-16-1857   02-01-1857   06-16-1872                             05-27-1878
 Olaf Torsteinson         05-24-1860   06-10-1860   06-20-1878                01-18-1879
 Tallef Torstinson        02-14-1863   03-15-1863   06-20-1878                07-15-1946   05-21-1881   
 Anne Torsteinsdotter     04-05-1865   05-14-1865   06-20-1880                             05-06-1882
 Sigurd Torsteinson       09-08-1867   10-19-1867                             08-04-1900   05-06-1882

 1 - births are recorded in baptism record
 2 - deaths after emigration are not in Ministerialbok


1865 Telling (Census) for Mo (Tokke), Telemark, Norway


                           enumerated at Midjaas Søndre, Mo, Telemark, Norway

  navn               familiestatus           yrke                             alder            Fødested
 (name)              (fam. member)       (occupation)                         (age)  year    (birthplace)
 __________________  __________________  ___________________________________  _____  ____    ____________

 Tostein Tosteins.   Husfader (head)     Leilending                             44   1821      Moe Prgj.
                                         (tenant farmer with lease)
 Signe Bjørnsd.      hans Kone (wife)                                           45   1820         "
 Kittil Tosteins.    deres Søn           hjælper Faderen med Gaardsbruget       20   1845         "
                                         (helps father with farming)
 Bjørn Tosteins.     deres Søn           hjælper Faderen med Gaardsbruget       17   1848         "
 Thostein Thosteins. deres Søn                                                  12   1853         "
 Olaf Thosteins.     deres Søn                                                   9   1856         "
 Olaf Thosteins.     deres Søn                                                   6   1859         "
 Tallef Thosteins.   deres Søn                                                   3   1862         "
 Anne Thosteinsd.    deres Datter                                                1   1864         "

 Gunvor Vetlesd.     sindssvag (insane)  Lægdslem (welfare recipient)           47   1818      Valle Prgj.
 Ingebør Bjørnsd.    Inderst (renter)    Spinning og Vavning                    53   1812      Moe Prgj.
                                         (spinner and weaver)


Translations from the
Mo Bygdebok

p. 391

H2.      N. 1826-1845  

Jon Jonson (ca. 1785-1845) gifte seg i 1814 med Margit Asbjørnsdtr (1786-1858) frå Fjellet H1d, og dei kom første tida til Høymyr H11 som husfolk. Ei tid budde dei og på Uppkomdalen. I 1821 fekk Margit ein son med Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 19 medan dei budde på Fjellet, men seinare vart dei husfolk på Dalen. Jon døydde her, men på omgangslegd. Margit døydde på Listog.

English translation

Jon Jonson (ca. 1785-1845) married in 1814 to Margit Asbjørnsdtr (1786-1858) from Fjellet H1d, and they came the first time to Høymyr H11 as husfolk [house servants]. For a time they lived and were from Uppkomdalen. In 1821 Margit had a son with Torstein Steinarson Haugehåtveit 19 while they lived in Fjellet, but later they were husfolk in Dalen. Jon died here, but on welfare. Margit died at Listog.

 b.Jon1815 Runningen H8
 c.Olav1817 ?Søstog Felland 19
 e.Guro1826 Dalen H3
 f.Margit1829 Utvandra til Amerika 1859
 g.Hans1831 Juvland H4
 2.d.TORSTEIN 1821Slettetveit A3

Gnr. 54
Page 171

H4.      N. 1847-1849  

Bjørn Olavson (1765-1847) gifte seg i 1798 med Anne Sigurdsdtr Lykka H6c (1778-1849). Etter fleire år på Haugland under Kjetilstveit H1 er dei nemnde «Kosi», Kosi under Seltveit H6 og Kosi under Kjetilstveit H4 før me finn dei på Langeli. Skifte etter Anne vart halde i 1850. Eiga vart selt på auksjon i 1849. Saman med ein obligasjon i Kyrkjebø vart det 242 spd å dela mellom born og borneborn.

English translation

Bjørn Olavson (1765-1847) married in 1798 Anne Sigurdsdtr Lykka H6c (1778-1849). After many years at Haugland under Kjetilstveit H1 they are mentioned at «Kosi», Kosi under Seltveit H6 and Kosi under Kjetilstveit H4 before we find then at Langeli. A probate after Anne died was held in 1850. Her property was sold at auction in 1849. Together with a bond in Kyrkjebø there was 242 spd to divide between the children and grandchildren.

 a.Margit 1799-1856 Gm 1: 1823 Ånund Å. Kosi u.Brokka H13
Gm 2: 1834 Åsmund Talleivson Hommane H9
 b.Sigurd 1801†  
 c.Sigurd 1803-1846 Solli under Bokka 8
 d.Olav 1806-1807  
 e.Olav 1807 Åsen under Storåsli H8
 f.Olav 1810-1897 Kosi under Jordet H7
 g.Ingebjørg 1814-1868 Døydde som innerst på Kosi
 h.Kjetil 1818-1839 Døydde på Viken
 i. Signe 1821 Gm 1845 Torstein T. Sletteveit Sletteveit A3

pp. 368-369

30.      Torstein
N. 1865-1869  

Ved folketeljinga 1865 finn me Torstein Torsteinson og kona Signe Bjørnsdtr Slettetveit A3.

English translation

In the national census of 1865 we find Torstein Torsteinson and wife Signe Bjørnsdtr Slettetveit A3.

p. 564

A3.      Torstein
N. 1869-1882  

Det var Torstein Torsteinson S. Midjås (1821-) frå Åsmundsdalen H2d som kjøpte garden for 550 spd i 1869. Torstein budde på Vistad då han i 1845 gifte seg med Signe Bjørnsdtr Åsland (1821-) frå Langeli under Kolkjøn H4i. I mange år flytte dei som innerstar frå Vistad til Viken. Nedrebø og Storåsli før me finn dei omtala som bruksfolk på Haugen, Vistad og S.Midjås 30.

I 1882 selde dei Slettetveit att for 2200 kroner og utvandra til Fergus Falls.

English translation

It was Torstein Torsteinson S. Midjås (1821-) from Åsmundsdalen H2d who bought the farm for 550 spd [speciedalar, an old currency] in 1869. Torstein lived at Vistad when he, in 1845, married Signe Bjørnsdtr Åsland (1821-) from Langeli under Kolkjøn H4i. For many years they traveled as innerstar [tenant farmers] from Vistad to Viken. Before Nedrebø and Storåsli we find they are mentioned as bruksfolk [farm people] of Haugen, Vistad and S.Midjås 30.

In 1882 they sold Slettetveit back for 2200 kroner and immigrated to Fergus Falls.

 a.Kjetil1845 Urbø 2 [1877], Ø.Ringestoga 21 [1878-1881]
 d. BJØRN1849 Slettetveit A4
 f.Torstein1854 Utvandra til Stoughton 1878
 g.Olav1857       «          «          «
 i.Talleiv1863 Utvandra til Stoughton 1881
 j.Anne1865 Utvandra til Fergus Falls 1883
 k.Sigurd1867       «          «          «

p. 97

2.      Hege
N. 1871-1877  

Hege Tarjeisdtr Urbø (1842-1910) frå Udbø 9d fekk eit barn med Jon Halvorson Bakkane 1. Nokre år seinare vart ho mor til eit nytt barn med Kjetil Torsteinson Slettetveit A3 (1845-). Hege døydde som budeie på Slettetveit.

English translation

Hege Tarjeisdtr Urbø (1842-1910) from Udbø 9d had a child with Jon Halvorson Bakkane 1. Some years later she became the mother of a child with Kjetil Torsteinson Slettetveit A3 (1845-). Hege died as a milkmaid at Slettetveit.

 1.a.Inger1871 Død før 1914

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21.      Kjetil
N. 1878-1881  

Kjetil Torsteinson Slettetveit A3a (1845-) fekk i 1878 kjøpa denne garden frå farbroren for 4800 kroner, men selde alt i 1881 and flytte heim til Slettetveit der han i 1883 utvandra til Fergus Falls. Kjetil hadde eit barn på Urbø 2.

English translation

Kjetil Torsteinson Slettetveit A3a (1845-) in 1878 bought this farm from his father's brother for 4800 kroner, but sold all in 1881 and moved back to Slettetveit where he, in 1883, immigrated to Fergus Falls. Kjetil had a child at Urbø 2.